Six Terrific Uses for Chalk Markers

Chalkboard markers are going to become the hot item. These pens are a blend between paint markers and whiteboard markers. Working with them is just so much more enjoyable.

Six Excellent Uses for Chalkboard Markers

Liquid Chalk Markers work effectively on windows or glass, or you can use chalkboard vinyl, which come in all shapes and sizes.

1. Keep an Ongoing Shopping List

Stick the chalkboard vinyl on to the refrigerator, the front of a cupboard, or maybe on the inside of your cupboard door – wherever you are possibly going to be standing when you realize that you have run out of a vital ingredient. Use your new chalkboard to keep an ongoing food list. Take a picture of the list with your cellphone and bring it to the grocery store with you.

2. Label Your Stuff

You can write directly onto your favorite glass or ceramic storage containers, or you can use chalkboard labels that can be purchased either online or at a store.

3. Produce an Ever Changing Accent Wall

If you enjoy the appearance of chalkboard paint for your interior style, then you can use markers to create stunning visuals, or other wacky messages. If you don’t like the look of chalkboard walls, then don’t worry, liquid markers can also write on specially painted walls.

4. Personal Motivation

Positive affirmations are wonderful inspirational tools to help maintain you in a balanced and positive mindset. You can easily write them on a window or mirror to make sure that you can read them last thing in the evening or first thing in the morning.
Below are 5 affirmations that may be used:
1. I am incredible.
2. I am limitless.
3. I live in the moment, and am grateful for each of my life experiences.
4. I feel tranquil and very relaxed.
5. I deserve all the excellent things the universe has in store for me.

5. Festive Decorations.

Colored markers have now become your one stop decorating tool. The ones that are non-toxic are great if you want to carve our fruit or vegetables as table decorations.

You can also adorn your windows and any glass surfaces with the party theme, and even have guests write their names on their wine glasses.

A terrific idea for cheese platters is to make sure the platter itself is blank, and then use the markers to write the name and type of cheese each piece is.

6. Home Office or Study Desk.

There are countless uses for liquid markers in the office environment. Any glass surface or whiteboard can become a great brain storming tool, where ideas can be written down as they are thought up.

You can either paint part of a wall as a calendar or buy a vinyl chalkboard decal of a calendar and use the chalk markers to make notes of appointments and due dates, and then at the end of each month it can quickly be rubbed clean.

These chalk pens can also be used on DVDs or CDs when labeling them up for short-term backups or file changes. No need to use those permanent pens and cross out old labels.

Chalkboard markers are quickly becoming a universal home and office piece of equipment. In 2014 nobody should be without a set.